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Traveling across time and space to help humanity prepare for a new way of living, our ancestors are singing songs of hope.

Through world flutes, gentle percussion, piano, strings, and other ambient acoustics, Kim Bold shares her own musical messages received during a powerful eclipse.  Relax, renew, and remember all that you are as these melodies inspire you to create your own version of heaven on earth!

New CD!

Gaia Calling is the result of my personal search to remember my own

soul's path through animal symbology. After I began playing the

native flute, I experienced a series of dreams and visions which

eventually led to the discovery of my spirit animals.  

Their powerful messages played out in my mind as inner child stories,

taking me back to the essence of my earthly existence. After writing

each story, I heard beautiful melodies which accompanied the images

of my beloved spirit animals. Eventually, I recognized these songs as

the music of my soul.

Included with the book is a guided meditation cd to assist you in

meeting your own spirit animals and opening up to the stories and

songs of your soul.

Sample Meditation

Gaia Calling: Spirit Animal Stories and Guided Meditation CD

Select a Spirit Animal below to hear music or read story samples.

Panda Giraffe Lynx Badger Walrus Toucan Beaver


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longer samples of music:

1.  Nazca

2.  Yaqui

3.  When the Rains Come

4.  Multiple Rainbows

5.  Tenalach

6.  Stone Cathedral

7.  Blue Crystal Cave

8.  East and West