Kim Bold plays ethnic flutes to enlighten and entertain audiences of all ages.   Her music transports

the listener to a place within the mind of ancient wisdom.

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I am a Music Medicine Woman

Coming into our own ‘power’ doesn’t necessarily mean that we own our own business or manage others.  It isn’t about how much influence we have in our lives or the ability to create great works of art.  It is really all about taking full responsibility and ownership of our own uniqueness as well as the work required to manifest our gifts.  

Each of us has been created with specific gifts.  Recognizing, honoring, and sharing  them with others is to truly know our own spiritual power, our true essence.

Throughout my life, I’ve accepted and even created many labels or titles for myself, but the ones which penetrate so deeply into my entire being are also the ones which challenge me the most.   Not because they do not come naturally to me, but because I sometimes resist them.

As a child, my vivid imagination allowed me to entertain others with stories that were constantly streaming through my mind.  The art of creative writing equipped me with tools that further enabled my natural abilities as a storyteller.  Learning how to play musical instruments provided yet another form of expression for my soul and an outlet for my deepest feelings.  A picture speaks a thousand words, but a song paints many pictures!

But as I grew into this world, balancing my creativity with my responsibilities has also been a lesson in letting go of the starving artist image.  Freeing the artist within me is also my path to enlightenment and recognizing that the music I create are also stories I tell through sound is not only my own best medicine, it is my greatest gift to others.

I am a music medicine woman and I am here to heal others as well as my own soul through all of my stories.

Many blessings along your path,

Kim Bold

P.S.  The more formal ‘stuff’ is in my Press Kit.  Just click on the link above.